Political Science college and courses


Political Science college and courses

The Political Science major at Boston College consists of 10 courses (30 credits): two introductory courses ; at least one course in each of the four subfields of.
Starting in the academic year, the department has also abolished the list of "pre-approved" petition courses. No course outside of Political Science   ‎ Contacts · ‎ Program of Study · ‎ Program Requirements.
Foundations Courses: Courses numbered in the 100s are Foundations courses. These courses are designed principally for beginning political science majors. Political Science college and courses

Political Science college and courses - especially

Directed group study in an area not presently covered by the departmental curriculum. Authors to be considered include, among others, Thorstein Veblen, Karl Marx, Max Weber, Franz Neurmann, C. Seminar on Teaching Development—Comparative Politics. Through the study of countries other than our own, we have the opportunity to ask about the degree to which political phenomena occur in different nations or in different types of political systems. Game theory uses simple mathematical models to understand social phenomena. Politics By Other Means? With a foundation in understanding real-world networks, we can then consider how these networks function online.

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The introductory curriculum in political science is not like that in other majors, Political Science college and courses, such as economics or the natural sciences. Politics By Other Means? If a course requires a shorter paper, students may ask the instructor for permission to write a twenty-page paper instead. An extended version of a shorter paper written for a course. The role of the presidency in American politics. It will look at relations not only between whites and minorities, but also at those among racial and ethnic communities.
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